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3 Ways to Lift Your Mood and Spirit During Covid Pandemic Fatigue

62% of American adults report increased stress, anxiety and depression due to Covid outbreak.

Money, unknown duration of COVID-19 effects, isolation from friends/family and risk of virus exposure are the leading sources of stress, anxiety and depression.

  Covid Depression - Covid Fatigue - Covid Burnout

  are all expressions used to describe the psychological, physical and emotional fallout of the pandemic. 

           After 10 months of isolation and lock down many of us are feeling the effects of prolonged stress the pandemic has triggered.  Prolonged stress contributes to lower immunity and an increased the risk to non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

    To boost your resilience to stress and improve your immune system, I have listed a few activities you can include in your day to day routine.   


   Exercise helps us cope with hectic and demanding situations.  Here are a few ways regular exercise can help during these cold Covid months.

   -   Science shows exercise strengthens the immune response to pathogens, meaning you're less likely to severely sick if working out is habitual.

   -  Consistent exercise over a time period, 6 months or more, improves the effectiveness of vaccinations and lessens their side effects.

   -  Studies show that in mild to moderate depression, exercise is comparable to antidepressant medication. 


 Anxiety and sleep management during trying times can be helped with scents.

 - BlueTansy brings clarity to the mind and uplifts the spirit - Lavender calms the heart from palpitations - SweetOrange uplifts the spirit, brings bright energy and positivity.  

Service To Others

Those who took part in social support to others had lower rates of mortality

 Personal sense of accomplishment, self-worth and sense of purpose


Emotional relaxation

Improves cognitive processing

Positive behavioral changes

In Closing...

We are in the new normal. It's important that we care of our selves . I hope these suggestions can help guide you in the best way.