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Plant-Based Facials

Imagine choosing from over 50 distinct vegan, organic skin ingredients to personalize your entire skin treatment. That's our mastery at Organic Skincare NYC.


The Classics

The classic organic facials address your skin's basic needs. Every classic facial includes a double cleanse and triple exfoliation with extractions. 

  + The Mini Organic Facial - $85
+The Classic Organic Facial - $135
+ The Mask & Dash - $55
+ The Back Facial - $99

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Plasma Facials

Using electrical arc to stimulate the fibroblasts that continuously lifts and rejuvenates the skin.
The Plasma Rejuvenation Facial - $250
      The Plasma Lifting Facial - $150
The Plasma Acne Facial - $150

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The Correctives

Our most active, anti-oxidant rich facials with vitamin c,  malic acid and cannabis to hydrated and de pigment dark spots.

+ Organic Vitamin C Facial - $200
+ Organic Cannabis Facial  - $300

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I went to get a facial at this spa. The space was very welcoming, clean and the music relaxed me. Alita was very welcoming and she has a beautiful personality. She has compassion, empathy and she is very patient. The products she uses are organic. She also gave me a cleanser for my face which I greatly appreciated. After one facial I saw a difference on my face. Her hands are amazing I almost fell asleep at one point. I highly recommend this establishment and I will be going again.


Woke up the day after my facial to fresh, glowing skin! After struggling with "mascne" during this pandemic, I went to see Alita and I’m so glad I did! My blemishes are nearly gone over night. Alita takes the time to work with your skin with great, plant based products. I will absolutely be adding her facials into my routine.


Alita is my go-to girl when I need sugaring done. I only trust her and follow her wherever she goes. I purchase her skincare items online and now I'm happy to know she has her very own spa in Crown Heights. I'm too scared to take off my mask for services as of now but there are still services I can take advantage of. That's exactly what I plan on doing as it's been a while!