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Lymphatic Flow Facial Mask

Lymphatic Flow Facial Mask


  • Skin Compression: Our unique blend is designed to gently compress the skin. This subtle pressure aims to refine your skin's texture, leaving it smooth and toned.
  • Stimulated Blood Flow: Enhanced with natural elements, our mask encourages increased circulation. This vital blood flow brings a natural glow and vibrancy to your complexion.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Support: Regular use aids in promoting lymphatic drainage. This essential process helps in detoxifying the skin, reducing puffiness, and promoting a healthier, more radiant appearance.
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    The Key Ingredients

    Green Coffee Bean Oil

    cold pressing of the fresh, green beans (seeds) of theCoffea arabiaplant.

    Roasted Coffee Bean Oil

    cold pressing of the roasted beans (seeds) of the Coffea arabia plant and possess a rich, roasted/brewed coffee scent