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The Facials

Classic Organic Facials

Our Classic Facials are high quality treatments performed with highest standard of organic plant-based ingredients. Every classic facial includes a double cleanse and triple exfoliation under an aromatherapy steam. We focis on stiumulation and deep intense hydration massage, Our Classic Organic Facial and Back Organic Facial include pore detox and extractions.

Pigmentation Removal Facial

Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation with one of our effective Pigmentation Removal Facials. Each facial is designed to target pigmented skin cells by interrupting the melanogenesis process. A series of 3 to 6 facials will be the most effective pathway to minimize the appearance of uneven skintone. Slow and steady wins.

Nano Needle
Basic Facial

Vitamin C Peel

High Performance Facials

Introducing our new  non-invasive  High Performance Facials with cutting edge technology. Using nano needles, light emitting diodes, micro current gua sha enhances the effectiveness of plant actives. The facials are designed to prevent signs of premature aging.


Advanced Nano Needling Facial

Micro Current Mask Facial

Plasma Pen Facials

The Plasma Pen Facials open up the skin cell's pathways to stimulates the fibroblasts which creates collagen and combats acne.

Plasma Rejuvenation Facial

Plasma Acne Facial

Organic Ingredients  

A wide range of plant-based organically farmed extracts used for skin care.


Lauryl glucoside is derived from  coconut. It is used as a surfactant that helps to lift dirt and oils from the skin, allowing them to be washed away. 
The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has this ingredient rate as 1 for low hazards.

Aloe Vera

Raw aloe vera is used in skincare to help cleanse, hydrate and cool inflammation.


The water extracted from plants by distillation. The hydrosols hold aromatic compounds from plants that tone, create pH balance and refresh the skin.

Vegetable Oils & Butters

We choose from over 50 different nutrient dense vegetable oils in our facials for facial sculpting and toning.

The Life Cycle Of A Facial

Immediatly After - 24 hrs

Your skin is glowing from stimulation

48 - 72 Hours

Skin feels smooth and hydrated. Possible small imprints from extractions.

4 to 6 weeks

The newer skin cells begin to harden and flatten and need to be removed. 
Time to come in for your next facial appointment,

5 -7 days

Extraction spots flake off and possible lower layers of bacteria  makes it's way to the top and can appear as one or two new pimples, this process is called purging. AHA treatments completes it's process through the skin cell.

28 days - 48 days

Skin hits its peek brilliance. Newer brighter skin cells makes their way to the surface.

Save  20%
When You Plan For perfect Skin

Monthly facials are a must!  Plan your facials in advance by purchasing a facial package. Our packages range from a series of 3 to a series 6, or series of 12.