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Book A Natural and Organic Facial In Our Brooklyn Location

To ensure a well-rounded natural skincare regimen, it is recommended you enjoy a natural facial treatment every four to six weeks.

Mask & Dash

An intense mask treatment for those clients in need of a quick anti-aging boost.  We also use the RED light treatment to hydrate and firm your skin instantly.

First we cleanse, then we apply the mask and third we use the RED lights over the mask. Finally we remove the mask and massage the skin with a vitamin rich oil moisturizer. 

 30 minutes.

Mini Organic Facial

Designed for busy people, this facial includes a triple cleanse, deep exfoliation and mask treatment.. There are no deep extractions with the mini organic facial. A quick taste of natural luxury.

45 minutes

Classic Organic Facial

Our famous and most potent, signature skin treatment facial, using a bespoke combination of three technologies to address all facets of the skin with a good dollop of pampering on the side. First, we triple cleanse the skin, then we remove older clumpy skin cells with natural enzymes and the ultrasonic peel, then we remove blockages within the pores with extractions and finally rejuvenate and soften (LED Light Therapy) .

75 minutes.

Vitamin C Facial

We created this facial for anyone who wants a focused treatment that targets hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. This Vitamin C facial is infused with organic cellular extracts from Australian tropical fruits.  

75 minutes,

Cannabis Facial

Cannabis is one of the most powerful anti inflammatory plants in nature.  In this facial we infuse cannabis into this facial to tighten the skin and diffuse inflammation and redness.

75 minutes

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