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Natural Vegan Facial Cleanser: Micellar Water

Natural Vegan Facial Cleanser: Micellar Water


A blend of lavender hydrosol and the purifying properties of laurel berries hydrosol. This natural cleanser delicately purifies impurities while acting as an antibacterial shield, leaving your skin cleansed, balanced.


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The Key Ingredients

Lavender Hydrosol

  • What it does: cleanses bacteria and can be used on acne, irritated skin, skin infections, and more. Lavender properties are good for reducing inflammation and redness.
  • How it's sourced: distilled from lavender flower tops

Laurel Berries Hydrosol

  • What it does: Purifying , it cleanses  combination and oily skin  and helps eliminate impurities from the skin.
  • How it's sourced: distilled from laurel leaves

Lactic Acid

  • What it does: exfoliant
  • How it's sourced: sugar fermented

Urea Acid

  • What it does: moisturizing and exfoliating
  • How it's sourced: 100% Urea